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The ASSOCIACIÓ DE VEÏNS I COMERCIANTS DEL TURÓ PARC (ASSOCIATION OF NEIGHBORS AND BUSINESSES OF THE TURÓ PARK) is a non-profit business association created in the city of Barcelona with the purpose of representing the interests of the neighborhood's residents and businesses. Additionally, the association fosters projects and activities that bring about a greater economic and social development to the Turó Park and its businesses, shops and residents.
The Association operates in accordance with the legislation that addresses the right of association, specifically the 19/77 law from April of 1977 that regulates the Labor Association Council (Consejo de Asociación Sindical), the royal decree 873/1977 of 22nd April and additional articles. The Association is incorporated with regards to tax and legal matters under the name "ASSOCIACIÓ DE VEÏNS I COMERCIANTS DEL TURÓ PARC".

The Association is non-partisan and independent, and is not linked to any public-sector institution, political party or labor union. It is organized according to internal statutes that stipulate how it is run. The Association has a Board which is representative of all of the neighborhood's businesses and residents.

President: Bartolomé Criado

Vice President: Joan Forés

Treasurer: Alice Ramón

Board member: Rosa Bisbe

Manager: José Manuel Nebot

Head of Group for "Gent Gran" (Seniors): Xavier Gomar

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